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Operative maximum performance in logistics

Securing competitive advantages means: short lead time and high flexibility.

In order that the production can run flawlessly, and the full potential can be achieved, the logistics must work very well. Of course. With a very thorough potential analysis by CONCEPT AG, this is no magic. And as well no secret, because we lay all our cards on the table. In addition, the progress and necessary decisions are mapped and verified closely, in steering committees. Together.

Operative maximum performance in logistics is possible - and necessary

Optimizing logistics is also an important element of operative performance increase, as short lead times and high flexibility are rewarded by the market. High performance logistics are necessary for production to achieve its full potential. Therefore, we ensure stable processes in both areas.

As in production we focus on five areas in logistics:

  1. Flow of materials
  2. Stock management
  3. Order handling process
  4. Operative and organizational structure
  5. Coaching


We start with an efficient flow of materials because this allows economic stocks and high delivery performance in order handling. Our methods and tools ensure an ideal interlinking in all areas. Of course, coaching the managers and employees is particularly important to us. Only in this way can changes actually be accepted and practiced.

This means that we can achieve:

  • shorter lead times
  • lower logistics costs
  • high deadline adherence with low lead time
  • lower staff costs
  • high process stability


for our customers, which in turn means operative performance increase.

Sometimes, it is simply necessary to get a point of view from outside the company. It is worth hearing a neutral expert opinion, without “institutional blindness”. Then changes can usually be made more smoothly and effectively. Therefore, we are happy to be sparring partners in all areas of the organization, or to coach and support your managers and teams.

And then? All of our starting points lead to a customer-oriented supply chain - which incidentally also includes purchasing. Find out more in the next blog!

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