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Operative performance increase in production:

There is a great deal of potential in production!

Every company is unique. That is why we carry out a precise potential analysis first of all. That way, everyone involved knows where and whether changes are necessary.

Good decisions are made on the basis of good and extensive analyses – we have seen this again and again in our 20 years of practice. There are a multitude of optimization measures to increase performance in production.


Considered carefully: Approaches to increasing performance

To be able to proceed meaningfully, we have identified five areas in production, where the performance can be increased:

  1. Production structure
  2. Productivity
  3. Setting up/maintenance
  4. Operational and organizational structure
  5. Coaching


With our methods and tools, we want to achieve better results in all areas. We accompany our customers from the analysis to the concept, right up to implementation. Thereby, it is important to us that all employees feel involved. That is why we take the time for the needs and uncertainties of the employees, and develop rules for a successful coexistence, a new high performance culture.

This means that we can achieve a:

  • Shorter cycle time
  • Better machine usage
  • Higher machine availability
  • Lower staff costs
  • High process stability


and enable an operative performance increase. Where exactly we at CONCEPT AG start, depends on which phase the company is in: Crisis management, consolidation and orientation towards growth, each require a different approach. Each company is unique, and so our support is too.

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