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Result: More competitiveness!

Operative performance increase.

It is easy to say that operative performance increase secures or even raises competitiveness. Because as is so often the case, the devil is in the detail. It is actually a case of discovering the existing potential for operative performance increase in the areas of production, logistics, purchasing and quality, and implementing appropriate optimizations.

The areas of production, logistics, purchasing and quality each have their own potential, which we would like to sketch out here:

  • Production: Here, our goal is to achieve shorter cycle times, better use of machines, higher machine availability, lower staff costs and high process stability.
  • Logistics: Here, our goal is to achieve shorter lead times, lower logistics costs, high adherence to deadlines, lower staff costs and high process stability.
  • Purchasing: Here, our goal is to achieve lower material costs, high management & process stability, lower staff costs.
  • Quality: Here, our goal is to reduce the quality costs, and achieve high process stability and security, and lower staff costs.

As CONCEPT AG, we know that everything lives or dies by the employees and managers. That is why it is a particular priority of ours, to take everyone in the company with us. Because only in this way, does everyone have the chance to experience for themselves, what is possible in their own company.

If you would like to find out more about this - contact us via e-mail and stay tuned, because the coming blog articles will be dedicated extensively to performance optimization in production, logistics, purchasing and quality.

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