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The profit is in purchasing – too!

The better all the areas of a company interact, and the better the processes are optimized, the higher the economic viability of the company – we at CONCEPT AG completely agree with this. Of course, operative top performances in purchasing are part of this. If the overall performance has to be high, it is necessary to make all processes as efficient as possible – including purchasing. Because, there is also an unbelievable amount of potential here.

Operative performance increase in purchasing – what it is about

In all areas, we proceed in a structured way: As well in purchasing we look at five crucial fields of action, which will all be optimized or edited:

  1. Material costs
  2. Supplier management
  3. Purchasing strategy
  4. Operational and organizational structure
  5. Coaching


The processes in purchasing and procurement should be designed in such a way, that the economic viability (EBIT/Working Capital) is used optimally, and can be sustainably improved. For this, we consider all levels of the purchasing and procurement process, and deal with the following themes:

  • Key figures/bid comparisons (TCO)
  • Supplier evaluation and development
  • Make or Buy?
  • Commodity group strategy
  • Procurement strategy
  • Professionalization & internationalization
  • Contract design
  • Risk analysis and management


By dealing with these questions thoroughly, and using all our experience, we allow our customers to save costs, to increase as well delivery performance as management and process quality, and to reduce staff costs in order to record an operative performance increase in purchasing.



Lay the foundations for a stable supply chain!

A properly functioning purchasing with lean processes, meaningfully involved suppliers and transparent key figures, the foundations are laid for a stable supply chain. That is why we offer sustainable solutions from a single source, with our experts from quality, purchasing and supplier development, with which even internal audits or supplier audits can run extremely professionally.

In the next article, read what we can do for you, to increase performance in quality.

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