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The simulation for production and logistics.


Experience lean, become a lean professional.

Simulations make it possible for participants to take on various roles and functions, without having to take a commercial risk.
In this way, simulations have a motivating effect and stimulate the application of positive learning experiences in operational practice. A form of “action-oriented learning”, which not only serves to increase knowledge of facts, but also allows the participants to experience processes and contexts in the most literal sense of the word.

Your advantage

Why you should book iSPEED.

The aim of the simulation iSPEED is to imitate the effect of a selection of lean methods on the production and logistics processes for a medium sized production company in order to illustrate the associated change from a push to a pull production, incl. the adjustment of the logistics processes.

The simulation used is a stand alone tool to convey the knowledge of experience, especially in medium sized enterprises. It makes contexts and methods haptically and interactively tangible. A guaranteed highlight for every workshop participant.


Experience lean with iSPEED

The simulation makes contexts and methods haptically and interactively tangible.


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